"We had our baby boy on Fri 12 Dec. Wanted to thank you for all your support, advice and hypnobirthing training. So here's what happened.......

We went in on Thu at 11am, I was induced with pepsin at 4pm after an examination confirmed my cervix was posterior and closed as with many first time mothers. I started listening to the CDs to stay relaxed, had mild surges, walked and kept active. 

The surges weakened overnight so I was on the birthing ball and walking the following morning and the surges started again and became more powerful which we breathed through and worked with our visualisations. All was calm and relaxed. After a couple of hours, I had an urge to stay on the toilet and while we were up breathing, wanted to start down breathing too. Midwife was due to examine me at 4pm again. She decided that i needed to be examined a few minutes early and she got a bit of a shock, baby's head was visible. We were transferred in a rush to the delivery suite and 20 mins later our baby boy entered the world. The consultant was ready to intervene but I refused and stayed focused and calm to get baby out fairly quickly.  My body did all it was supposed to and of course baby was the right size for me to birth him naturally. He's doing well and is  healthy and active. 

I am convinced that the hypnobirthing, calmness and the fact that the midwives also didn't realise how far along we were meant that there was less intervention, baby was calmer and we were able to progress naturally. As soon as the CTG went on, there was a lot of pressure to deliver the baby as his heart beat was dropping but we were still calm and at ease. River Dawn played as baby was born and it was all as I had hoped it would be in the end!

So thank you, thank you! The nuchal chord article was also brilliant at calming my fears. I really value your help and the cd's too."



Aiysha and Mohsin had a refresher session before the birth of their second son

"All went well with the birth, baby boy arrived on due date 3 days ago, labour started the night before but I decided to get some sleep and slow it down, knowing it would be quick once I was upright!! So, we slept from 9.30pm to 6am, breathed through a few surges. Main surges started at 7.30am, very calm and efficient, headed to hospital during transition at 9.30am, baby was born at 11.10am. Couldn't use the pool as there was a tiny amount of marconium in my waters but the down breathing helped hugely. Tore a bit but what to do! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement,  it relaxed me so much and gave me the confidence to trust the mind and body. Thank God for hypnobirthing!! Xxx"