Some of our Mamas have been kind enough to share their birth stories for the website. Below is a selection of stories detailing how Hypnobirthing can benefit all births.

Read my story to see why I have become so passionate about Hypnobirthing. 

Robyn was my second baby, born at home in the water following a more traumatic first birth

Joanna was a first time Mother who had a calm water birth at home using only Hypnobirthing methods

Sam made an informed choice to be induced with her twins at 39 weeks and went on to birth her twins naturally using Hypnobirthing techniques 

Christina birthed her second and third babies in the birth center and wrote to tell us her experience

Miriam had her baby by cesarean section due to medical concerns and used her Hypnobirthing methods to remain calm and confident for the birth or her first baby. A wonderful example of how Hypnobirthing can help all birth plans

Aiyisha and Mohsin's first baby was a positive induction using only Hypnobirthing methods. Following a refresher their second baby followed his brother with a relaxed entrance in to the world

Laura had a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) natural home birth with her second baby using Hypnobirthing methods