Laura chose to have vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) birth at home for the birth of her second child Joseph. Here's her story:

"On 22 June at around midnight I was lying in bed when I feel some mild contractions. I was really excited as I was induced with Sammy (ended in a section) and so had never gone into labour naturally. I lay in bed for a while savouring it and picturing what my body was doing and visualising my baby preparing himself for the world.

A friend of mine in Hong Kong who had a home birth a few months earlier was online in wattsap so I messaged her saying I am contracting and she messaged back saying 'this is it. Trust your body. Call the midwife and then just trust your body. It will do what it needs to'.

A few hours later I went to wake Nath up (he was sleeping with Sammy). He was really excited when I told him it was time and started to get the pool set up. Sammy was still asleep. I text my midwife to let her know I was contracting. She said she would aim to be with me for around 5am but to call her if they got a lot stronger. I was deemed as high risk as I had a previous section so she wanted to come out sooner that she usually would.

I ended up texting her again around an hour later as the contractions were hotting up. I was going to light my blessing way candle at this stage and text one of you to let you know I was labour but found myself suddenly in the zone and totally forgot! From around 5am to when Joseph was born I had my eyes closed almost the whole time.

My mum came round at the same time as the midwife and she and Nath made tea etc while I paced in the living room. I had the hypnobirthing colour and calm cd on which was lovely.

Sammy woke up at around 6am and my MIL came to take him round to hers where they had a lovely time. She gave my arm a squeeze before she left and she had tears in her eyes. It was a big moment for everyone!

Once the pool was ready I got in and it felt blissful! I kept visualising Sammy playing with the baby and the two of them laughing and running together. Two little boys who would be our world. I stayed so calm and remember saying 'yes more more' when the contractors got stronger.

I had to get out of the pool to go the loo and that was not pleasant. I really really did not want to get out but the midwife said I had a full bladder and that it would impede things so reluctantly I went. Sitting on the loo broke my vibe a bit. It felt a bit too Mundane and every day where as I was channeling the sacred so I had to work at getting back into the right frame of mind.

Back in the pool and I was spaced out again. Nath kept offering me nibbles and drink but I wasn't very interested. Hours passed but I had no concept of time. Nath also told me afterwards that it had been absolutely pouring down with rain that day but I had no idea. I was alone with my body and my baby and that was fine. I didn't want any chat.

The transition was very intense. Having never got to that stage with Sammy I found it quite overwhelming and remember thinking a few times 'I can't do this' but of course I could and I did because my body was created to do it. 
My mum was wonderful and calming at that stage and held my arms and kissed my face.

I asked for gas and air during the transition and even though I'm not sure it did much for me I quite liked having it to focus on. I had planned to have the baby in the water but got out soon before and went over to the sofa. I gave birth to Joseph at around 4pm while my mum held me and Nath cradled me in his arms. He was big - 9 and a half pounds.

The sense of relief and joy was incredible. He was here! Our precious boy who I had laboured for. I was so proud. And exhausted. I held him close to my chest for a few minutes before the midwives took him to check him over as he had inhaled some meconium."