We have a baby girl!

Born by c-section last Saturday afternoon, weighing 4lb 9 oz . She is tiny but tough - we're still in hospital as she's been so small, lost a lot of weight, been jaundiced, etc etc... but has put some weight back on today and we're hoping to go home tomorrow. The hospital have been amazing.

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for the c-section scripts - I listened to them on repeat the night before & on the day, and they made a huge difference. Going into theatre was a really alienating experience and I didn't know what to expect, especially as it was totally unplanned and the build-up with the bleed had been so stressful. There were 10 people in there, lots of noises and lights...but we had the music playing and I just tuned right into the positive statements and continually did my up-breathing exactly like you taught us, the entire way through - one of the medics actually commented one how much I was "in the zone" (I didn't even hear this, Matt told me after!). It really got me through the whole experience - I was super chilled out when the baby arrived in the world and she has in turn been really relaxed all of this week, even with repeated tests, injections, & needles. It also really helped Matt as it meant he had a clear and concise way to channel his care for me through major surgery and coached me through it all. 
I also found that hypnobirthing been invaluable for the recovery period (5 days in and counting) which has been very painful (anyone who thinks a c-section is an easy option is insane!) - again I've been using a lot of the breathing techniques all week to try and keep on top of things.


Massive thanks again Crystal, we really really appreciate all your help and wanted to let you know what a big difference it made to the birth of our baby."


Miriam xx