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International Association of Infant Massage



I have been teaching Baby Massage since 2011 having qualified as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). I had previously attended a course with my son and I was so inspired by the confidence and self esteem it gave me as a parent. I had heard about the relief benefits such as improving digestion issues and sleep, but I hadn’t been prepared for how it enabled me to understand my baby and to be able to really listen to him. It was life changing for both of us.


I felt I needed to share this gift with as many families as possible, at a time where I also looking for a career change and thankfully found the IAIM who qualified me as an instructor following extensive training. I since have taught Infant Massage to thousands of families to date. As a mother myself, I wanted to provide a gentle and nurturing class for my new parents, free of unsolicited advice, free of judgement, just a space where I can facilitate parents as the experts of their babies.


Continuously driven to share the benefits of nurturing touch as far as possible, following years of extensive experience supporting families and volunteering for the association, I was motivated to progress to become a trainer, and embarked on a comprehensive and reflective 3 year process starting in Turin, Italy, with the International Committee for Trainer Candidates. I am now a Certified IAIM International Trainer running training courses across the UK for others to become certified baby massage instructors..

My working career has revolved around babies and families. I am also a certified nutritional therapist (specialising in fertility, pregnancy and babies), doula, hypnobirthing practitioner, breastfeeding specialist, 3-step rewind practitioner and baby yoga instructor. I have dedicated my learning to the perinatal period and am an advocate of nurturing touch and infant psychology. I love to learn (course junkie) and am currently studying infant psychology.

I passionately believe that a generation of responsive, nurturing parenting could change the world and that the IAIM programme provides an enjoyable and accessible way for every human being to experience the value and the far reaching benefits of these positive early interactions.

Did I mention?... I LOVE my job! It would be an honour to train you.

Crystal x

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