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Our enjoyable 5 week IAIM massage course will demonstrate how to massage your baby with confidence as well as informative discussions about all the benefits, how to deal with issues such as colic and constipation and the best time and way to massage your baby.


Of course, like every good baby group there will also be a good cup of tea and cake over a group chat. A lovely way to make new local friends - you'll find you have much in common!


Our classes are extremely relaxed and you are welcome to feed, change and generally see to your baby's needs throughout the class. Classes last 1hr30mins including an opportunity to relax with refreshments during the class so you certainly won't feel rushed in or out. It's the ideal first class to attend with your baby.

Group sizes are kept small to ensure each family gets the most out of the course. We don't mind when you last slept or showered, just come along and let us look after you, a cuppa that you didn't have to microwave, home baked goodies and reassurance from your peers.

Each week we massage a new body area slowly building to a full routine including some 'gentle movements', based on principles of yoga. We are dedicated solely to baby massage and delivering a comprehensive programme. ​








The 5 week course is just £65 and includes organic oils, home-made refreshments and detailed colour handouts for each session. Nurturing touch can be given from birth, as soon as you feel ready to join, and we take babies up to one year.

We provide a cosy, calm and non-judgmental environment where we believe that parents are the experts of their babies. Careful consideration goes in to our courses and the environment to ensure that babies are not overstimulated with unnecessary noise or visual distraction. Nurturing touch provides the appropriate stimulation to encourage healthy brain development as backed up by the latest research.


The course is inspiring and enjoyable and a wonderful gift for you and your baby. Baby massage enhances the connection between baby and caregiver and helps you to understand your baby's non-verbal language.

Due to a busy instructor training programme, we currently only offer private parent courses to groups, please get in touch to see if we can accommodate you. We also offer free parent classes regularly as a part of our IAIM Instructor training. We invite parents and babies for 3 sessions, one led by the trainer and two by the students as part of their certification process. Where possible we will try to match you with a student to go on to complete the full 5 week course. See our bookings page for availability. 

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