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Baby Massage Instructor Training

What qualifications do you need to teach baby massage?

The only prerequisite for our training is the desire to support parents and babies. The IAIM offer the most comprehensive training available, including hands on experience with parents and babies during the 4 day training course and a thorough core curriculum, including subjects such as touch and massage research, bonding and attachment, facilitation skills, infant behavioural states, cues and relaxes to name but a few. See our blog - 5 reasons to become an instructor with the IAIM. 

Are you accredited? 

Yes! As the largest infant massage association with a presence in over 75 countries around the globe and counting, your IAIM certificate allows you to teach anywhere and is internationally recognised. We have different accreditations in different countries, in the UK we are also accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Following your training you have the freedom and flexibility to train where and when you desire, you are not bound by locations and we do not operate as a franchise. 

What infant massage training do you offer? 

We offer certified infant massage training courses accredited by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). Our training takes place across London, Hertfordshire and Kent. Our reputable and comprehensive training is popular with government and NHS organisations and we have trained tens of thousands of instructors across the UK alone. People who come on the training range in their backgrounds, from nurses, midwives, health visitors, children's centre and family support staff, holistic therapists, paediatric doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists and antenatal educators, to parents who have experienced infant massage and would like to share it's magic. It's not uncommon for students to come from the corporate world too looking for a flexible change.

How much does it cost to become a baby massage instructor? 

We like to be transparent about costs! Our trainings cost £595. If you would like a demonstration doll included we can source one for you for between £70-84 new. Included in the price is your 4 day training, refreshments, all course materials, your certification fees, a years membership (usually £45) to the IAIM UK support chapter and our ongoing support. The UK members chapter is not for profit, all the money supports the chapter and our instructors and offers opportunities for networking events and study days, training refreshers and stroke reviews, continuing education workshops, a shop full of resources for you parent classes and a free website within the UK IAIM website. All for £3.75 a month!

Why is the training 4 days?

I am often asked why our training is 4 days when people have found the same qualification in 1-2days with a similar curriculum. It's not unusual to have students come to us, having already trained elsewhere, as they don't feel they have the necessary skills or confidence to deliver their courses. Our training is comprehensive and thorough, not only teaching massage strokes and all of the relevant theory topics, but we also dedicate time to teaching facilitations skills such as holding space for parents, empathetic listening skills and communication skills. On 3 of the 4 days we have parents and babies join us and the students have the opportunity to practice delivering some of their new skills, with reflective feedback, whilst being fully mentored.  Evidence shows us that the success of an infant massage class goes far beyond delivering strokes. There's no 'death by PowerPoint' or monotonous pre-course modules here either, IAIM trainers are skilled in delivering interactive, engaging and interesting content through a variety of practical teaching methods. 

What age should a baby be massaged? 

There's a lot of conflicting information around this topic. The IAIM programme is suitable from birth, 0-12 months, or up to 7 years where there may be an additional need or for fostered/adopted children. Our programme is safe from birth as we are completely baby-led, working with the baby and respecting their choice to be massaged or not, and all of their states and cues. Our classes are a learning environment, there is no pressure to massage during the class if it's not the right time for you or your baby. We have spare dolls, detailed handouts and review the content each week. Take a look at our blog on FAQs for our parent classes.

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