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Welcome to my site! I'm Crystal, the founder of Connected Babies. I'm so pleased you've found us!


I have been teaching Baby Massage since 2011 having qualified as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). I attended a course with my son and I was so inspired by the confidence and self esteem it gave me as a parent. I had heard about the relief benefits such as improving tummy issues and sleep, but I hadn’t been prepared for how it enabled me to fully understand my baby, and to be able to really listen to him. As an instructor I have now shared the IAIM programme with almost one thousand families and am in the process of becoming an IAIM Instructor Trainer.

I am also passionate about birth and have been teaching Hypnobirthing classes since 2013. My first birth, well, let's say it wasn't pretty and Hypnobirthing helped me through the fears of being pregnant and giving birth a second time resulting in a really positive experience. Our birth features as the official KGH birth for training and parent courses. Hypnobirthing carries a lot of preconceptions but it's basically a course that provides the logic, science and tools you need to have an informed and positive birth experience. No tree hugging I promise! 


"Doing the course with Crystal opened our eyes to our options and choices regarding birth, which we were simply not told by the midwives. Crystal delivers her course in such a calm, empowering and encouraging way." Joanna

"Such a great course, the best baby group to date! Baby Conor and I have gained so much from baby massage. I can now confidently incorporate this into my daily routine. Crystal really takes the time to get to know you and your babies. She provides a warm, calm, happy environment. I am actually sad the course is finished ! One to definitely do!!" Sarah


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"We had an amazing session with crystal...such a lovely, helpful person! No questions were too big or small, and she was incredibly approachable. She explained hypnobirthing really well and went through different exercises with us. Crystal goes the extra mile for her clients, providing delicious treats, offering support via phone or email, and even lending us her personal CDs. I would highly recommend booking with fact I just gave her details to a friend interested in hypnobirthing!" Rupal

"My son and I loved this course. Crystal is a wonderful teacher, so patient and kind. There is plenty of time to practise the techniques and ask questions and learn useful tips. The course is carefully structured and fun, my little one loves being sung too now he has a massage!! As a first time Mum I really appreciated the relaxed, informal atmosphere too and the wonderful cakes baked by Crystal. I absolutely recommend this course." Bhavini

"Thank you Crystal, I came to you last year fearing childbirth and left feeling confident and positive instead. The breathing and relaxation techniques kept me calm and gave me something to focus on in labour, so that surges (contractions) felt intense but not painful. We also had the knowledge to make decisions that we felt comfortable with, rather than feeling we were being told what to do; and this ultimately led to a natural birth rather than one with interventions. We are both very happy that we explored Hypnobirthing and I would highly recommend you!" Abigail 

"This is the 2nd time I've done Crystal's class and once again it didn't disappoint! Crystal provides a really relaxed and calm atmosphere where you can really enjoy learning about baby massage. Crystal really gives you value for your money as the class lasts for well over an hour (a lot of other classes I've done only last about 30-45 mins) and you have a chance to talk to the other mums which makes it a lovely social experience too. Crystal is also on hand to give lots of valuable advice. The icing on the cake (literally!) is her yummy sweet treats which she bakes herself. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone!" Nishma

"We did our Hypnobirthing course with Crystal. As a complete cynic when I arrived (my wife had heard of Hypnobirthing and convinced me that we should attend), I left as a huge advocate. The science, logic, practical breathing and deep relaxations all made sense. Crystal's sound guidance, gentle yet educated, well informed teaching gave us the confidence and support that we needed. She is amazing, her knowledge but also practical experience of a non-Hypnobirthing and a Hypnobirthing experience and the difference, was invaluable and she provided support to us as we needed it" Mohsin


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Baby Massage Courses

Group classes in Harrow in our cosy room at St. Peters Church, Sumner Road, Harrow. 

Private courses, e.g NCT, available from Harrow, Elstree or hosted by client.

One to one courses available from Elstree or your own home.

Hypnobirthing Courses

Weekend group courses taking place at Harrow Arts Centre, Uxbridge Road, Harrow and Evening group courses at Northern Heights, Edgwarebury Lane, Elstree. 

Private courses available from Elstree or your own home.


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