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Train in Baby Massage - 5 Reasons to Become an Instructor with IAIM

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Have you been looking to train in baby massage in the UK? Perhaps you want to add to the services you offer, or are looking for baby massage training in the NHS? Taking the step to embark on a new career or skill can often feel daunting, so here are 5 reasons to become a baby massage instructor!

1 - Making a difference. Baby massage is not a new invention, through our instructor training we honour our ancestors and the many cultures that have passed massage down from generation to generation. Our IAIM founder Vimala McClure recognised a need back in the 1970s to introduce baby massage to western culture, seeing that this accessible and enjoyable practice could improve the health and wellbeing for babies, parents, families and society as a whole. We know that nurturing infants is the first step to creating more love, respect, empathy and positive relationships throughout the world community. When you train in baby massage with us, you become part of the movement working towards Vimala's vision.

2 - Credibility of the programme. When Vimala's work first began, there was little research for baby massage, though the benefits were both visible and anecdotal for all to witness. Decades on, our IAIM programme now stands on a wealth of evidence in support of the myriad of positive benefits. Touch and massage studies show improvements in areas such as physical, emotional, social and cognitive development for babies, improvements in maternal and paternal / infant relationships, bonding and attachment, a reduction in the incidence of postnatal depression, boosting self esteem and confidence as a parent and many many more!

Baby Massage

3 - A positive intervention. A team of researchers from Warwick Medical School and the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick, led by Angela Underdown, showed a range of significant results including indications that infants who were massaged cried less, slept better, and had lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol compared to infants who did not receive massage. Underdown also stated that managers need to be aware of the need for infant massage facilitators to have been trained by organisations that focus on infant communication rather than prioritising infant physical development and flexibility. You are in safe hand to train in baby massage with us, communication and connection are at the heart of our programme.

4 - Supporting families is a key part of our work as instructors. Parents are always keen to explore ways to use baby massage for sleep or baby massage for constipation or wind for example but we also hold space for families to parent together. IAIM instructors are trained in facilitation skills and offer time for theory and discussion, elements of our programme that are proven to be just as effective as the massage itself. Baby massage classes are a perfect opportunity to offer a safe space for peer discussion, reassurance and non-judgmental empathetic listening without offering advice outside of the massage itself. They say it takes a village to raise a baby and baby massage is often a first class for new parents. When you become a baby massage instructor you play an integral role in supporting families.

Baby massage training UK

5 - A global family. The International Association of Infant Massage has a presence in over 75 countries across the planet. When you train in baby massage with the IAIM, you join the family. Joining the association offers flexible working should you choose to become an independent instructor and the opportunity to use baby massage as a positive intervention for those already working with parents and babies in their sectors. You are supported by your peers, your trainers, regional representatives, the UK "chapter" as well as other CIMIs all around the world, with opportunities for continued professional development and global events. Our mission is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research; so parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.

Baby massage instructor training

When you train in baby massage with us, it gives you the opportunity to make a difference. Supporting families and providing a positive intervention, using our credible programme as part of a global movement.

As a baby massage training provider for the IAIM, the quality of our training is world renowned, always keeping parents and babies at the core of our work.

if you would like more information on our baby massage training in London, Hertfordshire and Kent why not book a discovery call now, or find out more about our baby massage instructor training here.


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