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Baby Massage Training in Kent – How Kiran Began Her Successful Baby Massage Business

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

On the blog today we have Kiran who trained with us during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. During lockdown, with a new baby, Kiran reflected on where she wanted her focus to be and looked in to training as a baby massage instructor. Thankfully finding us, Kiran has gone on to set up a successful business following her baby massage training in Kent and talks about the experience of her IAIM training, getting started in business and how her classes are being so well received, benefitting both her and the families in her community.

Time for a change

“I live in Kent with my husband and two little ones, Bodhi and Naina. I’m a Dr of child psychology and back in 2020, whilst on a lockdown maternity leave with Naina, I had some thinking time and realised that working with new parents and babies was my calling and passion in life!

My husband and I had attended baby massage classes with Bodhi as a newborn (back in 2017) and I loved witnessing how massage strengthened the bond between dad and baby - it was magical! So of course, I decided that my first step to working with new parents and babies would be to train as a baby massage instructor.”

Finding IAIM Baby Massage Training in Kent

When the IAIM chose to deliver instructor training online, we honoured and respected the trainers in our association and despite being online, took students from the areas we usually train in. Kiran joined our baby massage training in Kent.

“Due to the pandemic, training took place online. I was a little apprehensive about how much I would enjoy training online, especially with an 8 month old to entertain at the same time! But I was wrong (thankfully!) Mary and Crystal managed to create such a warm, loving, nurturing environment online; I have no idea how, but it was beautiful. Every training day felt like a massive hug! At times it was emotional and we shared a lot (even though it’s really not a requirement!), and all I can say is, it was unexpected and truly beautiful. We learnt so much during our training sessions and I loved just soaking it all up like a sponge (I love learning!), and most importantly for me it felt so right. I finally felt that this is a community, a place of work, where I belonged. I already knew this was a passion of mine but during this training was when I realised it was my calling too to work with new parents and babies.

I didn't just learn from the syllabus, I learnt so much from Mary and Crystal’s personalities/general way of being. They were both warm and welcoming, calm and confident. They held the space for us to be vulnerable, to share, even to just process our thoughts and feelings, and of course to ask questions. In fact, I would say the trainers were the most valuable part of the course - above and beyond the syllabus.”

Students with baby massage dolls on Baby Massage Training In Kent
The February 2021 IAIM Graduates

Parent Feedback

Kiran felt confident and prepared following her IAIM baby massage training in Kent and went on to find families in her community with inspiring results:

“The training helped me to appreciate that it is these qualities of IAIM instructors that make our courses so special and valuable. I've had such incredible feedback on these aspects of my own classes too, check out some snippets of feedback below"

"From the moment we first stepped through the doors it was such a calm and welcoming environment. Nothing ever runs smoothly with babies and Kiran just put you at ease making sure you knew that crying, feeding, changing baby was fine at any point throughout the session"
"Kiran is such an approachable and positive person who instantly makes you feel at ease. She makes everyone feel very welcome and creates an extremely calm environment for parents and babies. I started taking my twins to massage when I hadn't actually taken them out on my own much at all, but really felt like the sessions boosted my confidence!"
"Kiran has been amazing in supporting us and allowing us to strengthen our bond through massage."

Honouring our Ancestors

IAIM baby massage founder Vimala McClure

“One final reflection I'd like to end with is just how much the programme and its founder (Vimala McClure) honour and respect the ancient art and origins of massage. Being of Indian descent myself, this is so important to me personally as too often I have come across practices, classes, workshops etc., in the parent and baby world that are learnt or inspired from other cultures without a single nod to their origins. So a big thank you to Vimala for acknowledging this and for making it a key part of our class syllabus to talk about the origins.”

I hope you enjoyed reading about how Kiran began her successful baby massage business.

Our IAIM training is so more than simply learning strokes. It’s a feeling, a calling and being welcomed into a community, full of support and passion. Our training inspires and is delivered through thought provoking activities and a wide range of teaching methodologies. Parents and babies attend the training with you so you can see our work in action and practice your new skills with trainer, peer and self reflection. If you would like more information on baby massage training in Kent see our page – and you can get in touch with Kiran on the links below. If you’d like more information why not book a discovery call with me?

Get in touch with Kiran:


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