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Unique New Baby / Baby Shower Gift!

I'm so excited to launch our new product - Connection Cards!

unique new baby or baby shower gift
Connection Cards for New Parents

Our connection cards are packed full of activities for you and your baby to enjoy together, including play, massage and movement. The 60 card pack includes helpful information cards to ensure the activities are successful, such as learning about the best time to play, the benefits of the activities, and understanding your baby's language on a deeper level. Our cards are the perfect unique baby shower gift or unique new baby gift! For parent educators  - a  great addition to any baby group or class, why not pick a new activity to try each week? 

Our cards are a beautiful way to spend quality one to one time with your baby, enhance your bond, and to support healthy growth and development. The activities are full of useful tips for common complaints such as easing colic, constipation, teething, and promoting a deeper sleep.  In the pack you will also find an e-link to the suggested rhymes, so that you can learn them and see how to incorporate them into the activity. For parents - to enjoy with your baby! 

Find our new cards here!

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