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Baby Massage Classes - FAQs

When is the best time to join a class?

IAIM courses accept babies from birth up to one year of age. We leave it to you to decide when you are ready to join us. The skills taught and the benefits of massage are valuable immediately, and equally, it is never too late to enjoy massage with your baby.

What are the benefits?

Baby massage is so much more than just a massage routine. It enhances the connection between caregiver and baby. Take a look at our IAIM site to read around the many benefits you may experience:

What if my baby does not want to be massaged?

In the first session you will learn about your baby's 'behavioral states' and understand how

to identify the best time to massage them. This may not always be during class. We always ask our babies permission for massage and listen and respond to their cues. We have spare dolls in class to practice on if needed, we review each session the following week and we provide detailed colour booklets to use as prompt to enjoy massage together when the time is right. You should feel you have plenty of opportunity during the class to learn these valuable skills, no matter how much massage you achieve that day. Our classes are completely relaxed and baby-led and you can see to their needs throughout.

How long is the class?

Each class lasts for 1hr15 with time allowed either side for settling in and without being rushed out. You will not be massaging the baby for all of this time. The class is split in to time for massage, theory and discussion, refreshments and time to relax as a group.

What if I miss a session?

I understand that life with babies can be unpredictable. I always offer an opportunity to catch up on any unexpected missed sessions by sitting in with the next group if you feel you need to. We always review each week so any strokes missed can be caught up on the next week.

How many people are in the group?

Group sessions run with a maximum of 8 families. Smaller group sizes give you a chance to get to know your group and make friends as well as provide an opportunity for everybody to be involved.

Who massages my baby?

You do without exception. I will demonstrate the strokes on a doll for parents to copy. Only somebody close to the baby such as a primary caregiver should massage the baby due to the deep emotional connection that massage provides.

Are you qualified?

Yes! I have been a fully qualified and certified Infant Massage Instructor since July 2011 following extensive training with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). Many baby classes offer a little bit of baby massage on the side and I encourage you to check that your instructor is qualified in Infant Massage.


Double the fun! There is no extra charge for twins. I'm sure you've already had to buy two of everything so it may be reassuring to know that our charge is per family, so twins, triplets or more, you just book one space. We trust that you have found your way managing your babies and that you are the expert, so you may wish to massage both the babies together, take it in turns with them or bring somebody that's also close to the baby to assist you. It's completely your choice. Due to the deep emotional bonds formed through baby massage, I'm afraid I cannot offer to massage any babies on your behalf.

I have seen that the Children's Centre offer the baby massage for free though?

Yes in some boroughs baby massage courses are offered through the children's centre and this is so valuable ensuring that the course is available to all families. However, some centres only offer this service to targeted families and some have very long waiting lists so naturally parents may wish to look for an alternative. Children centres offering massage classes is a huge compliment to what we do, they recognise the research and benefits around our programme and know how it can benefit every child and parent.

As a private course provider I go the extra mile for my families. Included in the course fee I provide organic oils for both class and home, detailed colour booklets, home made refreshments each week alongside a lovely hot cuppa and professional and thorough delivery of the full 5 week IAIM programme. We offer and ensure a non-judgemental and peer led group. We are in no rush.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about the course

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